Humble Beginnings

Today, on May 20th, marks the opening of our online store known as LVC Collectables. Our team here at LVC Collectables is a small but earnest group that all share common interests based around collecting trading cards and trading card accessories. Our enthusiasm and dedication towards collecting these cards and accessories has surpassed from simply collecting these products to opening a store dedicated to providing others the same joys that collecting these products have for our own team here at LVC Collectables.

At LVC Collectables it is paramount to our team that the customer experience is as smooth and efficient as possible, we aim to achieve this by constantly improving and refining the way in which we conduct business. In saying that LVC Collectables is a newly established business and we recognise that our process may not be as streamlined as it could be. In an attempt to combat this we are more than happy to take on any suggestions which would benefit the user experience. Feel free to contact us at or use the homepage 'contact us' section.

Furthermore, as our store expands, our stock and our storefront will be changing rapidly and we aim to provide a more varied range of products. Some new products and services to look forward to in the near future is purchasing trading cards from individuals, and stocking a wider range of products such as collectable figurines and collectable accessories. Please let us know of any desired products that we could add to our offerings.

Today is the launch of our new store, tomorrow we hope to be the centre of all your collectable needs.

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